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- MISSION : Creating the Best Technology of New Values
- CORE VALUE : Correct Fast-Through Completion
Determined to be a World Best Technology Company creating New Values.

JKS possesses a self-developed technology of high definition Actuator,

Hydraulic System, and Software used for Hydraulic and Electronic Servo System.

We develop high quality testing apparatuses essential in manufacturing vehicles,

trains, tires, airplanes, ships, as well as in civil engineering and architecture,

maximizing a wealth of experiences and accumulated technological

know-hows of the Hydraulic and Electronic Servo System, in order to

satisfy the needs for various research objectives and conditions.

We will continue to do our best to be the world's best manufacturer of high-tech Testing

Machines and Hydraulic System.

54, Cheomdanyeonsin-ro, Buk-gu, Gwang-ju, Korea

1045, Yeonje-dong Buk-gu, Gwang-ju, Korea

Tel:82-62-973-6688 / Fax:82-62-973-6685 / E-Mail:

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